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Click for larger picI am a treasured possession. After the inspiring story of Clara and her treasure hunt, I was moved to create a box about myself and who I am. During the time of creating I was relaxed and really felt connected with the Lord. All the mothers and daughters were very loving and caring during this time of growth together. I look forward to the next time to grow and feel inspired by the Lord. ~ Erin What a lot of fun we had! Grandma, mom and granddaughters don’t have enough opportunities to spend time together. Being creative, enjoying each other’s company and working together to create our treasure boxes was fantastic! Additionally, being reminded of our status as one of God’s treasures was invaluable. Family time so well spent!Click for larger pic ~ Mindy
Click for larger picToday was amazing I was reassured how much God truly loves me and has a special gift meant just for me. Each one of his creations is wonderful even with flaws of being human. I am so blessed to have grown up in the church and as a Christian young woman. I absolutely loved this experience and would gladly do it again. ~ Taylor Click for larger picI had a fun time with my 2 daughters reflecting on things God has blessed me with; life, grace, praise, joy, love and heaven! ~ Patty
Click for larger picI have been very inspired by Inspired Collage and it has become an important part of my devotional life. Thank you, Bob and Peggy for launching your vision. This is my latest collage, created with the collage pack I bought from Inspired Collage. ~ Wendy DeRaud I am so thankful for Peggy and Bob coming to American Canyon and doing an Inspired Collage Workshop. I have my collage sitting on my dresser and whenever I look at it there seems to be an aspect of it that I didn't really connect at the time but that speaks powerfully to me now. I would highly recommend anyone making the time to attend one of Peggy's workshops. They are fun and you will be blessed and you will come away with a visual reminder of the good things God is saying to you and bringing to pass in your life. ~ Debbie Vogel-Sanders
Click for larger picMaking a collage was fun. I came alive finding treasure in the form of pictures. If it grabbed me I grabbed it. When I was finished with my collage and had a chance to look at it, what I found was a monument of what God is doing and what He will do. Click for larger picA road map with pictures. ~ Mark Colombini Click for larger picNot only lots of fun but the best therapy ever. I had no idea how to start so I just let my hands take over. Click for larger picI am very pleased with my dream board. Thank you. ~ Toni Childs
For as long as I can remember my grandmother told me “God love you” and so do we. It took a tragedy to truly believe. As Jesus carried me for 2 years and He is still by my side. I am so grateful for this. I am a true believer that there is a God. ~ Rhonda Ryan This was an amazing experience. At first I had no clue what I was doing but I just let the Holy Spirit take over. What came out was beautiful and it was exactly what God has been trying to tell me. Reminding me I am not the same person I was and now I am a new creation. Now I have something to look at whenever I forget. ~ Stephanie Montez
Click for larger picWell it was great! I love art and doing this allowed me to do more art. I would actually do it again. I used to make collages when I was younger. It was awesome. ~ Ailey I loved doing this dream board. It was a great way to dream with God about what I am praying for this year. Click for larger picI like the idea of having something to look at and even add to throughout the year. It was fun too! ~ Leslie Fontaine
Going into Peggy's Dream Board collage workshop, I had in my mind a plan to find beautiful images that would represent, and hopefully refine, my vision and goals for my life for the new year. But as I began to sort through the images, I had the hardest time finding ones that would depict what I wanted for myself this year. As other participants started cutting and pasting their images onto their dream boards, I was still searching, getting a little tired and frustrated with not being able to find what I was looking for. Then it occurred to me - just let go and let God. I decided to stop searching for what I wanted, and instead just browse through the images and open my heart to them. And the images started speaking to me right away. Click for larger picTwo of them especially stood out - one with a person with an outstretched arm standing under the heavens, and another with a pair of brown bears, just sitting together, hugging each other, and enjoying the scenery from the mountain top in quiet company of each other. As I put these images on my dream board, it became clear to me that what I needed to see were not my goals or plans for myself, but the most important things that I already have in my life - a heart that's surrendered to God, and the love that I have with my companion on life's journey. Each time I look at my dream board, I will remember to keep my sight on these most precious things of my life. ~ Diana
The LORD spoke to me about “New”, behold all things have become new, to let go of the old, the new has come. Peggy had encouraged us to ask for a word for 2012, and I wasn’t expecting what I heard so strongly, and it was very exciting for me to be given this word and expectation. Thank you, Peggy for an excellent presentation before we entered into the contemplation and collaging time.Click for larger picIt grounded us in Biblical principles and the truths about Jesus talking to Peter about how to fish really fit with what God was speaking to me. Also, her bringing up pitfalls was helpful and insightful. The whole experience of the Workshop was a gift, of coming away from the busyness of life, and experiencing a unique interaction between me and the LORD through beautiful imagery and words. I am inspired to do this at home with friends in a small group, and to invite Peggy and Bob to come to Fresno to do an Inspired Collage workshop. This whole thing is an exciting concept straight from the heart of God, to bring images and art and creativity back to the church as a visible expression. ~ Wendy DeRaud, Fresno Click for larger picI have found collage as a way of worshipping God and making declarations. I have also had some of the images come up in my prayer time and God used them to draw me nearer to Himself. Sometimes i find myself in wordless places . In those times God and i often communicate through images. I make visual declarations of God's promises over me. I make visual petitions for intimacy with God, or for water , all the while declaring that water is coming. Recently My mentor gave me a prophetic interpretation of my collages that really blew me away. I was able to enter into a new understanding of how God relates to me in this season of my life. I could actually feel the water being released. It also opened my vision. I was able to see beyond my circumstances and original intentions to how these revelations of God's love for me would affect generations. Thank you. ~ Lydia
Click for larger picThis was a heavenly workshop, intentionally put together for God’s chosen ones, to create a vision with Him of His vision for us! I felt the Lord’s presence and pleasure so strongly! The joy of putting our life, our heart and our dreams on paper in collage form was a fun work of art and play – co-creating with Papa God! The time of teaching with Peggy was wonderful and full of insights and the time of soaking to hear from the LORD about our word or image for 2012 was so lovely with a background of live giving music and affirmations. It was worshipfully prayerful and empowering. Thank you Peggy for your artful expertise at helping us to “Dream with God!”. ~ Norma Carlozzi When we first were given our folder we read the scriptures on the handouts. The one that jumped out at me was Song of Songs 4:16. During the initial soaking time the song “Fling Wide” by Misty Edwards started playing which is based on this verse which was amazing.From the throne came flashes of lightning...This was just a confirmation to me because this morning when I was praying that God would use this time to show me a new way to use my creativity and take me to a new level with Him and as the song was playing I just saw Him opening the door to my spirit and fanning what was a small flame into a roaring fire. Very exciting!! During the collage time I wanted to make that image into a collage and the very image of fire I found had the word “seeing” at the top! So not only a triple confirmation but a quadruple!!! Loved it!! ~ Sharon
Attending Mrs. Burns "Treasured Possession" Workshop was like being marinated in God’s truth, giving a heavenly flavor that continued to linger with me even until today. The "Treasured Possession" Workshop was a creative, yet simple process that allowed God’s word to seep deeply into my being. This unique workshop allowed me to dwell at length on one beautiful scripture. I have struggled in the past with how to meditate at length on the fullness of a scripture, not only in my personal life, but, also in the lives of those I work with as a psychotherapist. I could use simple repetition, a song, a study in the historical understanding, however, nothing has been as successful as Inspired Collage. From the throne came flashes of lightning...The truth and beauty of God’s love for me moved to a new level during this workshop. It was more than a "ta-da" experience, it was a profound change in my perspective of self. I couldn't wait to buy the Collage Kit and make another collage at home. Since attending the "Treasured Possession" Workshop, I have done a second card, had my daughter and two friends do collages, and asked my church to have Mrs. Burns share her workshop with our women’s ministry. I am a true fan of Inspired Collage, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy these workshops and the process of collage in the future.
~ Shelley Galvan MFT, MFT28895
Peggy, Thank you! What a gift your workshop was to my soul. Your teaching and the process of creating met me right where I am in my walk with Jesus and drew me closer to God. From the throne came flashes of lightning...This Inspired Collage touched my soul in a new and fresh way. It’s amazing how many ways God can speak to us and touch our souls. Thank you for creating this “way” and sharing it with all of us. With love in Christ. ~ Shannon Collins, San Francisco
From the throne came flashes of lightning...I want more of the joy of the Lord and freedom to express that overwhelming “bubbling out” from the spring in me. Thank you for this outstanding day of creativity. My meditation card reflects Psalm 87:8, Singers and dancers alike say, “All my springs are in you”. Peace and good tidings. ~ Jan Verinsky, Scotts Valley
From the throne came flashes of lightning...The Inspired Collage Workshop was a meaningful experience. Through my meditation with beautiful, restful music, collaging from the meditation, and listening to others share from their hearts, I revealed that there is a garden of beautiful flowers inside me, which I need to care for. I need to live from the inside, out. ~ Shalom, Darby
This is a fabulous presentation! I highly recommend this hands-on, art-based, interactive time of reflection and creativity! Without pressure of performance, a person who has never created a personal art piece is coached, encouraged, and directed to let their inner voice speak through the beauty of collage. From the throne came flashes of lightning...This is a really inspiring event! With the accompanying readings and reflections of Peggy Burns the director, one leaves feeling refreshed, revived and connected to their own inner artist, to a sense of their own personal destiny and to God....which is a pretty amazing thing to say considering it is only a few hours taken from a Saturday morning! You could sleep a little longer...or have a coffee and watch TV....but why? I'd say, JUST GO! You will be encouraged and inspired. Diane Brodeur, a happy, former participant. :) ~ Diane Brodeur, Redding So thankful for this day! In my vision the garden with Jesus, we shared no audible words, so at some point I stopped looking for a message and just allowed myself to enjoy all the wonders, beauty and sensation of the garden and Jesus Himself. We frolicked, hugged, rode horses and watched butterflies. From the throne came flashes of lightning...We even stood in a warm, stony stream. But when I began to collage, the message came and it was all about my identity! God, in the vision, restored my identity. The butterflies represented a new ” i.d.” and perspective (when butterflies normally symbolize “process” to me!) … so this was a great, new revelation. There’s so much that I’m still processing and I’m sure more will come each time I look at the collage! That you for this wonderful treasure. ~ Garden Workshop
The experience of going into the Garden with the Lord, coupled with the verse from Song of Songs 4:12 was very powerful for me! I have recently developed a constant awareness of cameras and of being videotaped even during intimate times of corporate worship and it really started to bother me.From the throne came flashes of lightning...When you explained the meaning behind a “garden locked”, a spring locked, a fountain sealed” I suddenly felt a deep sense of security and safety. In my Garden experience I pictured many, many angels lining the Garden with their backs to me, wings up, providing a shield of total privacy. As the Presence of the Lord came into the Garden, I sensed His energy, warmth and loved and chased after Him like a joyful child in total abandon! It was thrilling, exhilarating and complete freedom and surrender! Afterwards it was hard to remember what the Garden looked like. I was aware of its beauty and that a waterfall was there but mostly all I could see was the beautiful, colorful energy presence of Him as I chased Him all over and became filled up with Him and His incredible love for me! ~ Michelle Peggy's creative meetings have excellent teachings, fellowship, prayers and art. It is a lovely afternoon to create collages that you can use as inspiration, meditation and reminders of the promises of God.From the throne came flashes of lightning...You will find a new way to express your own experience and feelings about what you are going through today by using these beautiful pictures to make something tangible you can put on your wall or keep in your bible or share with a friend. Peggy has also made up some wonderful packages you can buy to start collaging on your own. Peggy makes some beautiful jewelry and keepsakes that can remind you of your day. These keepsakes will be a blessing to you or someone else. Our Creator loves beauty and so do we and we need it in this world!!! There is a time for sharing, prayer and fellowship. You will come away with a blessing from the Lord and learn some tools to help you grow in your understanding of God's specific love for you. If you are already artistic, you will love it. If you don't do art, you will find that you can make beautiful keepsakes and meditation cards. ~ Carole Stitt
I had the awesome pleasure of participating in one of Peggy Burns' Inspired Collage workshops last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only did she create a supportive environment to make our "treasured possession" collages, she also exhorted us to guard our thoughts in ways that produce a healthy self image and life style. There were beautiful pictures and music: an ambiance for contemplation and creativity to comingle. I left inspired and equipped with my lovely collage prayer card, excited to make more. Thank you for a life-giving treat Peggy! ~ Maria Crane From the throne came flashes of lightning...I really enjoyed the "Heaven: Realizing Your Final Destiny" collage workshop. I had always found it difficult to fix a picture of Heaven in my mind, despite having read the Biblical descriptions. The teaching from scripture that Bob gave at the workshop, followed by the collage exercise, really helped me to focus on the envisioning the Throne of God as the centerpiece of Heaven. I now have a visual representation of the place where our Lord sits enthroned as he listens to our prayers. ~ Linda Scott
I participated in all the Collage workshops Peggy has offered so far and each one was a good experience but the last one about "Heaven" has been the most meaningful. The scripture I had chosen to use for my collage was "...and the Ancient of Days took his seat" from Daniel. In thinking on the implications of these words a peace settled over my heart. God is at rest because he has already won. We may still feel like we are knee deep in the fray but God has it under control, nothing has happened or can happen that he has not already dealt with or provided for. From the throne came flashes of lightning...His total command over all of creation allows me to rest too. If I truly trust him I can cease from all striving because I know he's got it covered. Even now when I meditate on this image my breathing slows and I can feel the anxiety drain away, but I have to come and wait in his presence. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to meditate on the Scriptures using the instructions Peggy provides, they are so simple. Follow the journal sheet provided and really take the time to go deep. You will find fresh perspective and your strength renewed. You also get to meet new people, have some good conversation, its a great way to spend the afternoon. ~ Patty Love, love, LOVE the "Heaven" workshop as presented by Peggy Burns and teaching by Robert I. Burns. God really impressed in my heart His desire for me to know Him intimately and verses were already springing up as the Holy Spirit led me through the different tables of pictures and photos. From the throne came flashes of lightning...In the throne room, angels cover their eyes, mouth and feet when in the presence of the Most Holy because of His overwhelming Glory. But we, however, are invited into the Father's presence FACE to FACE. What an awesome privilege we have to behold Him so personally and lovingly that even angels would marvel at such a thing! An A.W. Tozer quote that I shared in the group session sums up how I felt God was speaking to me at the workshop: "The goodness of God is that which disposes Him to be kind, cordial, benevolent, and full of good will toward men. He is tenderhearted and of quick sympathy, and His unfailing attitude toward all moral beings is open, frank, and friendly. By His nature He is inclined to bestow blessedness and He takes holy pleasure in the happiness of His people." My card is now protectively kept in my Bible and serves as a reminder of His great love for me. ~ Allison
From the throne came flashes of lightning...The teaching gave me a new perspective on heaven; I gained a better understanding on how the multiple accounts in the Bible are connected. Creating my collage card was a very personal experience, although in the rap up session when people shared their cards it felt as if the group had traveled a journey together. It was amazing to see how each collage card was so unique. The experience was lots of fun; it got my creative juices flowing! ~ Susan I was very blessed to participate 3 times in the collage classes. With my busy schedule I often don't have time to allow the Lord to speak to me through the creative part of myself and the collage From the throne came flashes of lightning...class opened the door for me to hear the Lord's voice and to express what he was saying and doing in my life through the creative expression of collage. I would definitely recommend this class as a way to learn how to express what God is saying to us through the creative expression of collage. ~ Gayle
I feel like I do not have a creative bone in my body but still saw something come out of the time I had at the "Treasured Possession" Workshop I attended. The way the pictures were displayed made it easy to walk around and peruse while letting the Holy Spirit lead. I am a treasured possessionAfter picking some images and returning to my table I began to create a card. What I got most out of what I was drawn to was the color amber. When I returned home I looked up the color amber and found it is only used in the KJV book of Ezekiel and it is used to demonstrate God's overbearingly bright and immediate presence; symbolizing Christ as the glory of God. (Ezekiel 1:4; 1:27-28; 8:2) As a person in hot pursuit of God's presence this workshop helped me to go deeper. Now that I've experienced one workshop I would recommend it and go again myself when the opportunity arises. ~ Karen Thomas Inspired collage is just that. I took my first collage workshop last October. We had a short teaching on relational bonding, trust & expression. That was the basis for us to meditate on & choose images for. I had never done collage before, but really just needed help taking the first step. From the throne came flashes of lightning...Any time I've seen them, I was so attracted to the style of art. One of the reasons I wanted to experiment with collage was to incorporate that same style in paintings, as a means of tapping into an abstract art form. Peggy has so many interesting images to choose from, it's almost impossible to not end up with a beautiful work of art & she is there to assist when needed. I also attended the "Heaven" work shop, in which her husband Bob, a Pastoral Counselor taught. The participants came up with some amazing images of how they imagined heaven. Since I've learned to collage, I probably make about 10 per month, & have even printed some, giving them as cards. It's so fun & relaxing, anyone can do it, but every collage is different. I've been truly inspired! ~ Lana
This was an amazing refreshing time with the Lord. Thank you for your teaching about the desire of intimacy of God’s heart, it really spoke to my heart. The Lord has been inviting me to enter a more intimate and deeper love with Him, but I wasn’t sure what that meant. Leading us to the garden allowed the Lord to really meet me there and show what he meant. Thank you ~ Garden Workshop This was an opportunity to continue my quest of living from the inside out – walking in the garden with God. Reflection is so important and I am grateful for this workshop. I carry a bouquet in my heart for the love of God. Thank you ~ Garden Workshop
I didn't know what to expect, nor sure that it would be useful, so curiosity took me to the workshop. "Heaven" was the theme. From the throne came flashes of lightning...A biblical context was well presented. We had time to individually select and meditate on a related portion of scripture. In the process, I found some profound personal meaning, and took this to putting together a collage that best expressed it. The workshop was really well organized, and selection of collage-making materials was generous. Thank you for letting me participate. ~ Dave From the throne came flashes of lightning...I was encouraged by the teaching on what heaven is like to think outside my normal "this is what I should do" box in order to choose a scripture that I wanted to explore that was not my usual "play it safe / don't hope for too much" type of a scripture - a scripture that I really wanted to be true for me. While some of the images I used were very much about whom I am on this side of Heaven, others were not and together they represented what I wanted the scripture to mean for/to me. I would like to frame the collage and put it where I can see it when I'm talking to God - I want to ask Him to help me explore what my creation can tell me and teach me about myself that I wouldn't learn otherwise. ~ Heaven Workshop

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