DIRECTIONS for Inspired Collage™ card making

1.      Ask God to highlight a scripture, a dream or vision to you before searching for images to create your collage.

2.      Why collage? Images are a powerful canvas that can assist you in making a visual journal.  By creating a collage you will find yourself making a deeper connection to the scripture, God and yourself.

3.      Let your imagination fly upon the truth”.  During this time you will use the part of your brain which is intuitive and creative.

4.      Create the desired setting and mood for yourself.  Have a clean space big enough to allow you to spread out your images. Some enjoy music in the background or having a candle lit.

5.      Choose images without judging and that appeal to you. Allow a generous amount of time for this section. You will be drawn to images that have a personal meaning for you.  There is no right or wrong way to create your card.  As you trust the process of discovery and revelation, adding and subtracting, a larger story, an illuminated image emerges from the layers.

6.      Glue images on card stock (“5 by 8”) or small card that can be placed in your bible, at your computer or prominent place for viewing. Or carry it with you for further inspiration and meditation.

7.      Celebrate that you now have made your first Inspired Collage™ card!

8.      Use the Inspired Collage™ Journal sheet to go deeper with the scripture or write about your revelation you receive during your experience.

9.      Share your card with others or better yet make a card for a friend and introduce them to this wonderful creative experience.

10.      E-mail Peggy for support. Peggy would love to receive a testimony of your experience along with a scanned copy of your collage. Send to:

Peggy Burns, MFT


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