What is Inspired CollageTM?

Inspired CollageTM a mini retreat ~ a spa for the soul

Inspired CollageTM launched in 2010. It is a kaleidoscopic blend of practices inspired by Scripture, journaling, meditation, and love for beauty and art. Through the power of images and self-discovery participants craft visual life-journals, creating deeper intimacy with God and others.

The Workshop

Life-Journey DreamboardEach workshop participant is greeted with a packet which includes select Scriptures and other workshop materials. A presentation is given highlighting the workshop theme and the process of collage-making. Inspirational music along with reflective journaling takes place. Participants then transition to their search for images. Thousands of images are provided. Collaging together becomes an intuitive-imaginative process. Participants will find themselves gravitating toward images that have a personal meaning for them. Through this collage process of discovery, an illuminated collage emerges from the layers creating a lasting devotional experience.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to share their reflective collages and their experience. Participants enjoy a rich atmosphere of fellowship during this day. Each person will take home a uniquely crafted card and a creative practice that can be used for individual Scripture meditation and continued growth.

"The Christian is the really free man – he is free to have imagination. This too is our heritage. The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars. Imagination should not fly away from the truth but fly upon the truth." (Francis Schaeffer, "Art and the Bible")

Ancient Art of Christian Biblical Meditation:

Each participant will receive an Inspired CollageTM Journal sheet and instruction regarding continued journaling and a meditation practice to take home with them.

From ancient times Christians cultivated a practice of meditating. During the workshop you will learn 4 movements of Christian meditation. (Reading, Reflecting, Responding and Resting).

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