Treasured Possession Workshop: Identity Discovery

Embracing Your True Worthiness
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"The lord your God has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession" Deut. 7:6

(Inspired CollageTM cards are made from recycled images and are for personal enrichment only.)

In ancient times a name bore great weight and framed a person’s direction and life. Treasured Possession is a name your Father in heaven has given you. During this workshop you will embrace the keys to your self-worth and identity in Christ. So often in life an incorrect identity has been mirrored to us which causes us to adapt or attach to a false sense of self. Yet God has placed in every believer a treasured identity; for many this needs to be discovered and is waiting to be mined.

  • Embrace your self-worth
  • Craft your own unique “I am” collage card
  • Learn a creative practice that can be used for your own personal Scripture meditation
  • You will receive a beautiful Treasured Possession affirmation meditation
  • Treat yourself to a mini-retreat ~ a spa for the soul.
  • A time to reflect, journal and collage. All materials provided.

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(See photos and cards from past workshops.)

New Treasured Possession Workbook Available
Embracing Your True Worthiness

Ancient Art of Christian Biblical Meditation:

Christian meditation is an ancient art practiced since the early Christian era, and is a time-honored way of going deeper in the word and connecting with God. In this age of microwaves and drive-through windows this art has been forgotten by many. It surely is a hidden treasure that is now being revived by those who have a growing desire for the transcendent. During the workshop you will learn four movements of Christian meditation. (Lectio Divina: The Reading, Reflecting, Responding and Resting).

What is Inspired CollageTM?

Inspired CollageTM a mini retreat ~ a spa for the soul. It is a kaleidoscopic blend of practices inspired by Scripture, journaling, meditation, and love for beauty and art. Through the power of images and self-discovery you craft your visual life-journal, creating deeper intimacy with God, yourself and others.

What is provided: Materials/Images for creating collages, journal sheets, four-steps to Christian meditation, card stock, scissors, glue, and a rich atmosphere in which you can create your masterpieces.

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